“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

The concept of spirituality can be found in all faiths and cultures. To many it is the essence of life that lies within all people. For others it is a fundamental divine power woven into the values and beliefs of their faith.

To some it is a focus on ourselves and the world in which we live. It is a way of giving meaning to life. It can seem at times as if there are as many ways to define spirituality as there are people seeking its definition. At the heart of just about all definitions of spirituality is an understanding that ‘there is more to life than this’. It is a way of seeing, connecting with and giving meaning to life that goes beyond the immediate and the superficial. It affects the way in which we think about, understand and respond to what we experience.

It encompasses emotions, physicality, our senses, faith and peace. For many it is a personal and developmental journey. Spirituality has many different faces each of which has its own characteristics. In exploring what they are, we must always hold fast to the whole.

Spirituality is about values. Those core principles or standards of behaviour, and our judgement of what is important in life. At the heart of them must be peace and harmony for they weave through all understanding of spirituality. Spiritual people value peace and harmony. They value many other things as well that emanate from them. What these values are, is for you to decide, for values belong to us both as individuals and a group or community. We absorb them into ourselves and we own them. 

Exploring Spirituality in the Primary School -  David Holmes

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharp.’’

 Spirituality at St Michael's -

After many workshops, discussions and observations, we have worked together to develop a spirituality statement which we think describes the spirituality ethos in our school - 

Spirituality in our family is –

 The freedom to experience a life of discovery,

in a safe and secure environment,

in which we all are connected and belong.


Spirituality is not a word, nor a feeling - it's about the whole. We want our children to feel like they belong first and foremost. It is only when they feel safe that they will feel comfortable enough to have the thought provoking moments, to stop and listen, to allow themselves to feel the excitement, the awe and wonder. It is our responsibility to give the children the experiences within school to allow this to happen. 

Enjoy the photographs of our shared experiences so far!

 Spirituality at St Michael's - 


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