Sports Premium

What is Sports Funding?

Sport Premium is a government funded payment aimed at improving and increasing the provision of PE in schools across the country. Each school will receive £16,000 plus £10 per child between Year 1 and 6. St Michaels Infant School has been allocated £16,800 this year.

How are we spending the PE funding?

We believe PE is a hugely important part of the curriculum and we pride ourselves on offering children many opportunities to get involved in sport, both during and after school. This funding has enabled us to employ the services of outside agencies and specialist coaches to come into the school and we will also provide a week of specialised sports activities both at school and in the wider community.
Our aim is to ensure that all staff are highly skilled in their PE teaching. Mr Saunders, our Y1/2 teacher is a specialist in PE and keeps the professional development of teachers up to date. We also ensure that our after school provision is of the highest quality and skill based for Gymnastics, Multi-sports and Football.

This year we are also spending our funding on an 'Adventure Week'. We are planning a visit to Lower Grange Farm and to the Athletics stadium in Ashford, where the children will participate in  a variety of different activities and skills. We are updating our sports equipment and also purchasing a new scooter park to encourage exercise by scooting to school. 

What will the impact of this funding be for our school?

  • All pupils in Y1 and Y2 will receive two hours per week of professional skills based PE, overseen by our PE specialist. 
  • Early years to have one hour of physical activity per day and one hour of structured PE per week. 
  • Our staff will receive staff meeting per term of professional development in order to enhance their own PE teaching. 
  • Pupil will be provided with a PE timetable which will encourage and enhance their physical skills. These skills will be formatted to provide a natural progression from YR to Y2.
  • Pupils showing exceptional skills in an area of the PE curriculum will be provided with links to professional outside sports agencies.
  • The PE lessons provide pupils with the opportunity to practice all sports skills including football, basketball, gymnastics, hockey, dance and athletic games.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to attend after school clubs of football, multi-sports and gymnastics.
  • The children will go off site to experience various activities which will include Zorbing, den building and the climbing wall to name a few.
  • A new scooter park will be available to encourage a scoot to school attitude.
  • The sports equipment at school will be updated as necessary.
     Sports Premium Plan