Prospective parents

St Michael’s Church of England Schools’ Federation admits pupils at the beginning of the Autumn Term. The early establishment of good relationships between home and school is important to ensure the children’s entry into school is a positive and enjoyable experience. All families are offered a home visit or an individual liaison meeting at school by a member of staff. These have been found to be invaluable especially when the families have had no previous links with the school. Pre-school visits take place in the term before entry when the children have the opportunity to visit their class and meet their teacher. During the pre-school visits the parents are welcomed by the Headteacher and given extra information on all aspects of school life. An information booklet is distributed which contains some practical suggestions of how best to prepare young children for school.


There is a smooth transition between the Infant and Junior Schools with children attending assemblies, playtimes and some lessons in the summer term before they start their Junior education.


There are also opportunities for parents to meet the Year 3 teachers before the start of the Autumn term.


All children at the Infant School will be entitled to a place at the Junior School. In Year 2 we will ask you to fill in a transfer form.


If the school is over subscribed, the Kent County Council Admissions Criteria will be used to determine further admissions.


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